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Product roundup: Essential safety products for landlords

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Whether they’re new to the lettings business, or they’ve been doing it for years, it’s vital that your landlord customers have everything in place to keep their tenants safe. 

From advice about which alarms landlords need to have fitted, to recommendations for suitable security measures, contractors can add real value by sharing their expertise.

So to inform your next discussion with a client old or new about their properties, here’s a list of the top areas to cover, and some suggestions for products to choose.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer - you can’t smell it, see it or taste it, so an alarm is absolutely vital to save people’s lives in the event of a leak. 

Any fuel-burning appliance, such as a boiler, gas cooker or fire, could leak carbon monoxide, and an alarm must be installed on every floor where such an appliance exists.

The Aico Mains Carbon Monoxide Alarm is mains powered, lasts for ten years, and comes with a rechargeable lithium cell back-up which means the battery won’t have to be replaced at any point in the life of the alarm. Any activity, such as activations, can be monitored using an app on a smartphone or tablet. http://www.bewdirect.co.uk/home/m/Shop/id/4880/page/1/ 

Fire alarms

You’re twice as likely to die in a house fire if there is no smoke alarm fitted. Fire alarms can help prevent fires escalating by giving off an early warning when smoke is detected, and they help ensure that people have the chance to get out before they’re put in serious danger.

A landlord is required to make sure that smoke alarms are in place on every floor of a rental property, and that they’re in full working order at the start of every new tenancy. The regulations don’t stipulate which type of alarm a landlord has to use, it’s up to them to choose ones most suitable for their property.

The Aico Mains Ionisation Smoke Alarm can be connected to up to 20 other alarms in a property, and if one sounds, they all go off. It comes with a built in battery back-up, a test button, and it will give off a warning when the battery is running out. http://www.bewdirect.co.uk/home/m/Shop/id/4854/page/1/ 


While it’s not a legal requirement for landlords to put additional security measures in place for their buildings, it does make good sense to consider them. Anything landlords can do to deter burglars will help avoid additional cost and distress for them and their tenants.

Those offering student accommodation should be particularly vigilant as students are often targeted for their laptops and other electrical equipment. Landlords should therefore consider fitting solutions such as security lights, digital access controls and CCTV. 

CCTV cameras available include the ESP CCTV IRCAM200, which gives coverage both day and night, http://www.bewdirect.co.uk/home/m/Shop/id/9777/page/1/ or the ESP CCTV DOVEVF Pro which can be used inside or outside. http://www.bewdirect.co.uk/home/m/Shop/id/9772/page/1/ 

For larger scale accommodation, such as student halls, landlords may need security monitors, such as the ESP CCTV Integra 4 - 4 Channel Monitor and DVR System, which will enable them to watch different areas of their property covered by multiple security cameras simultaneously. Footage can also be picked up remotely using an iPhone or Android. http://www.bewdirect.co.uk/home/m/Shop/id/9751/page/1/ 

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