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Ask the Expert: Steve Webb, Elnur

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Putting the heating on is no longer just about turning up the thermostat. Now we have heating systems that can be controlled by smartphones when you’re not even in the building. With so many innovations, and new regulations on the horizon, it’s vital that contractors stay ahead of the game. We spoke to Steve Webb, Sales Director at Elnur UK Limited, to find out what they need to know.

How is the heating market changing?

There’s now a much greater emphasis on the efficiency and controllability of electric heating. The traditional market for basic storage and panel heaters still exists, but advanced technologies are driving change. With manufacturers, such as Elnur, at the forefront of innovation, there are now so many more products available, ensuring there’s a solution for every scenario.

What developments do contractors need to be aware of?

As always it’s vital that contractors ensure they choose the right product to meet their customers’ needs. Here are a number of options and recent developments to consider when selecting your next heating solution:

  • Smart high efficiency storage heaters can provide huge energy saving compared to traditional static storage heaters. The Elnur Ecombi provides energy management, programming, temperature stability and advanced ease of use. This type of heater is ideal for someone needing to heat their home all day. 
  • High heat retention storage heaters combine all the benefits of the standard Ecombi but with the addition of higher heat retention and fanned output, such as the Elnur Ecombi HHR which is being launched within the next few months.
  • Internet / app control has been one of the biggest developments in the replacement heating market. The Elnur Connected Range launched in October as the world’s first range of multiple electric heating appliances controllable through an app. Contractors can now offer a connected electric heating system, including fan assisted storage heaters, electric radiators, panel heaters, towel rails, hot water cylinders and boilers. These products are ideal where shorter periods of heating are required and have traditionally been used in smaller, well insulated properties in bedrooms, in conjunction with a primary storage heater system, in hotel rooms, and in office and commercial spaces. However, running costs can be higher than other ‘direct acting’ heating, such as radiators.
  • Wall mounted electric boilers offer compact size and efficiency. Elnur manufacture the Mattira Range of electric system and combi boilers which can provide heating to a traditional ‘wet’ radiator system.
  • Energy saving: By choosing the right product using correct heat loss calculations (a free service is available from Elnur), contractors can ensure that they will provide customers with the right product to manage their heating, improve controllability and comfort, and minimise running costs.

What do contractors need to consider when it comes to new heating regulations?

There are three points to remember:

  • All works that are covered by Building Regulations will normally require smart/high heat retention storage heaters.
  • Regulations changes last year and further changes in 2018 mean there is a preference towards smart/high heat retention storage heaters for Private Landlords.
  • Regulation changes on 1 Jan 2018 will see the demise of traditional static storage heating and a market shift to more intelligent storage heaters. These new regulations are designed to see further improvements in efficiency and help reduce fuel costs for the consumer.

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